Russian courses for children

Courses for Children


Russian courses for children

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way for your children to learn the Russian language, our Russian courses for kids are what you need. Led by experienced and passionate native Russian teachers, our courses provide a stimulating environment in which children can explore the Russian language and discover a fascinating culture.

Russian courses for kids are specially designed to meet the needs of young learners. With a playful and interactive approach, our teachers create a welcoming and engaging environment that stimulates learning. Children will learn Russian through songs, games, art and storytelling, developing their language skills in a natural and fun way.

Our native Russian teachers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in teaching children. They know how to engage young learners and create dynamic lessons that keep them motivated. They use effective teaching methods to teach the basics of the Russian language, such as the alphabet, basic words, sentences and listening comprehension.

Russian courses for children offer many advantages. In addition to acquiring a new language, children will develop cognitive, social and cultural skills. Studying Russian will open the doors to a rich and fascinating culture for them, increasing their awareness and open-mindedness. In addition, learning a second language will improve their problem solving, creativity and communication skills.

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Kids courses 4-12 years


Russian courses for children 4 - 12 years

If you’re looking for an engaging way for your children to learn Russian, our Russian courses for kids aged 4 to 12 are an ideal choice. With highly qualified native Russian teachers, we offer a stimulating educational environment where children can enjoy themselves while learning.

Our Russian courses for kids aged 4-12 are specially designed to engage young learners. We use interactive teaching methods that combine games, drawing, music, comics, mimicry and videos to make learning fun and engaging. Each lesson is designed to encourage children to practice language skills through stimulating and interactive activities.

Our native Russian teachers are experts in teaching children and know how to create a welcoming and reassuring environment. They are committed to developing children’s language skills, helping them learn the Russian alphabet, basic words, common phrases and listening comprehension. Each lesson is structured to ensure constant progress and effective learning.

The lessons are planned according to the needs of the parents, you can find the best option for your family.

Russian certifications


Russian language certifications

Courses for teens 13 - 17 years


Russian courses for teenagers 13 - 17 years

Our Russian courses for teenagers aged 13 to 17 offer a unique opportunity to learn a new language in an engaging and stimulating way. Specially developed for the needs of young learners, our Russian courses for teenagers are designed to bring out their linguistic potential and open them up to new possibilities.

What are the characteristics of specific language courses for teenagers?

  • Interactive Teaching Method: We use an interactive teaching approach that involves children through engaging activities such as role-playing games, group discussions and collaborative projects. This method stimulates active learning and active participation of students.
  • Engaging Material: We use modern and current learning materials that capture kids’ attention and encourage them to explore the Russian language in a fun way. These materials include authentic texts, videos, songs and other multimedia content that help them develop language skills in a practical way.
  • Experienced Teachers: Our native Russian teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching to teenage boys.
  • Reduced Groups: The Russian courses for teenagers take place in small groups, allowing students to interact and practice the language in a more direct and personalized way. This promotes confidence in one’s language skills and the creation of friendships within the class.

Don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your teenagers to such a fascinating language as Russian. Learning Russian at a young age not only improves language skills, but also develops cognitive, cultural and intercultural skills that will be invaluable for their future.


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