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Russian language school in Milan for in-person classroom courses or online remotely



We are a young and dynamic company with headquarters in Milan. We provide Russian language courses, for Italian and foreign students of all levels and ages.

Our Russian training school, with headquarters in Milan at the offices Interdialog, was born from our many years of experience and from the collaboration</strong > with selected French mother tongue teachers, with qualification and university preparation.

With our courses, you will have the opportunity to learn the Russian language effectively and engaging. Our highly trained and experienced native Russian teachers will guide you through your exploration of the language, helping you develop the skills you need to communicate confidently in real-life situations. Whether you prefer to take online Russian courses, or you wish to participate in our face-to-face Russian courses, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of Russian language. We offer both individual andĀ group courses, which encourage interaction and exchange with other students. For professionals and companies who want to broaden their international perspectives, we offer specialized Russian courses. Whether you’re looking to negotiate with Russian business partners or expand into Russian-speaking markets, our courses will equip you with the linguistic and cultural skills you need to succeed. Don’t miss the opportunity to master the Russian language and open new doors of personal and professional opportunities. Contact us today to find out more about our online and face-to-face Russian courses. Your journey into the fascinating world of the Russian language starts here.

Because we?


Our approach is based on creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment where students have the opportunity to practice their language skills in real situations. This allows them to gain confidence in using the Russian language and to develop a deep understanding of grammar rules and linguistic structures.



We firmly believe that the best strategy for learning linguistic rules is to deduce them from practical experience and concrete use of the language. Instead of just focusing on theory and memorizing rules, we offer our students many opportunities to use the language in authentic situations.



The teachers in our team are not only proficient in the Russian language, but are also gifted with excellent communication skills. They know how to motivate students by maintaining a stimulating and engaging learning environment.
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How do we select our teachers?


Our Russian mother tongue teachers

Choosing the right teacher for your Russian language courses is essential for effective and rewarding learning. Here are the main characteristics to consider when selecting native Russian teachers:

  • Language Proficiency: Teachers must have a solid command of the Russian language, both grammatically and lexically. They must be able to communicate clearly and accurately, providing detailed explanations and correcting any students’ mistakes.
  • Communication Skills: A good Russian language teacher must have excellent communication skills. They must be able to effectively convey linguistic concepts, encourage active student participation and create an interactive and engaging learning environment.
  • Positive Attitude: A teacher with a positive human charge can make a difference in the students’ learning experience. They must be patient, motivating and encouraging, creating a positive and conducive climate for the development of language skills.
  • General Culture: Teachers should have a good knowledge of Russian culture, including customs and traditions of Russian society. This allows them to offer a more complete and enriching perspective during lessons, introducing cultural aspects that contribute to a deeper understanding of the Russian language.

Choosing native Russian teachers who meet these criteria will ensure you have a high-quality learning experience and help you achieve your language goals effectively. At our language school, we put at your disposal a team of highly qualified and trained native Russian teachers, ready to guide you in your Russian learning journey.

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